Not your typical SEO Agency.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Optimize for your users and the gains will follow
  2. SEO is a marathon, not a 100m race
  3. Build linkable assets, not artificial links
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SEO Consulting
We provide SEO strategy consulting, providing a holistic view of SEO that fits well into all other aspects of your Digital strategy.
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SEO Training
We offer one day workshops on SEO & Digital Marketing. Designed for in house digital teams & entrepreneurs, though we can customize based on your requirements.
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Digital Marketing
Need a full suite digital agency? We can help 🙂

“These guys killed it. They doubled our web leads and helped us triple our revenue.”

Rahul Gupta, CEO

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Future-proof your SEO
We focus on sustainable and long term SEO strategies so that your SEO improves with each algorithm update.
Linkable Assets
We focus on creating Linkable assets, so that your links are automated and natural. We believe that backlinks should drive revenue generating customers and do not exist just for robots.
We believe that SEO & PR goes hand in hand. We will uncover new opportunities for you to acquire links and receive positive PR at the same time.


Some of our musings on SEO and Digital marketing in general

How to decide which SEO company is right for you?

Ideally, the SEO agency makes an effort to understand your business, your competitive landscape and ultimately your customers. At the end of the day, all businesses exist to provide value for their customers.

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122 33rd Street East

Saskatoon, SK

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Email: info@focal.com

Phone: 1-333-444-8866

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